Charge smart and safe at home

The best charging station is at home in your parking lot. Charging at home is easier, cheaper and more efficient when you use a charging box. Charging your electric car directly from a standard socket makes charging very slow and in the worst case it can cause risk of fire. With a charging box, you can schedule when it is cheapest, distribute the electricity so that the plugs do not go and see statistics on your consumption. The new tax deduction makes it extra advantageous to buy a charging box right now, as half the cost is deducted directly from the price.

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Green tax deduction eligible!

You can receive up to 50% of the costs (maximum of 50,000 SEK) for your charging box with installation in tax reduction, if you are entitled to the tax deduction. Travel expenses for the installer are not deductible.

Read more in our article (Swedish) or on the Swedish Tax Agency's own page (Swedish).




Smart accessories

Customize your charging box with smart accessories that ensure a smooth electric car experience – now and in the future.


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