Welcome to a simple everyday life with home charging!

Order your charging box in time before you receive your electric car and need charging. Right now the installers are busy and the lead time for the installation can be up to 8 weeks.

Your order includes connected services: Customer service, 24/7 support and the My InCharge portal free of charge!

The price shown is cost after green tax deduction. Green tax deduction gives you as a property owner the possibility to receive 50% in tax deductions. If you are not entitled to the deduction, the full price will be on your invoice. Travel expenses for the installation are not deductible.

Think about this
You do not need an electricity contract with Vattenfall to order from us. The charging box is delivered wall-mounted. If the installers route exceeds 50 km back and forth, there will be an additional cost per swedish mile (maximum 3200 SEK incl. VAT). If you live in a housing association or rental house, you need to talk to your board.


How many duo chargers you've ordered

InCharge Smart Home Single

5495 SEK   With green tax deduction