In order to give you a quote on charging stations for your brf housing association, we need more information. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Charging boxes


Choose the mounting and placement of the charging stations.

Attach pictures on site and fuse box

In order to make a correct assessment, we need pictures at the location where you wish to place the charging stations:
1. Installation placement
2. Group schedule (If you find a power scheme for the fuse box)
3. Fuse box (So we can see if there is room for additional fuses)
4. If possible, please draw a simple sketch (mark on a map picture or similar).


About how many meters is it from the fuse box to the first installation site? Measure the distance via walls, not the bird path.


How many walls need to be drilled through to make it possible to pull cable from the fuse box to the charging stations?

Main fuse

You can find the information on your electricity network invoice or by contacting your electricity network company.


Annual electricity consumption

Your network owner