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Many of your visitors drive electric cars, so they need access to charging stations both during their trip and at their destination. If you own a restaurant, shopping centre, hotel, or other business, you can gain a competitive advantage by offering easy electric car charging for your customers with InCharge.




Package description

Attract new customers who need to charge and better serve your visitors.

  • During a 3-4 hour visit, the standard package (charging at 11 kW) provides enough power for about 200 km of driving. The optional package (charging at 22 kW) provides power for about 400 km, depending on the car.
  • Your stations become part of the InCharge public network. Visitors can also easily charge at your stations using the InCharge app.

  • Set your own price to gain revenue that yields a return on your investment - more visitors and new income.

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InCharge services

With InCharge, you get more than just an electric car charging service. We offer one simple, comprehensive solution for everything from customer service and maintenance to invoicing and data monitoring. With us, you can easily customise your package according to you and your customers' needs.

Customer service and monitoring

InCharge customer service is available to answer all your questions. We offer remote troubleshooting around the clock so that your visitors always have someone to turn to. Our automated monitoring system notifies us in the event of a problem, ensuring uptime for your InCharge stations.

Billing and payment solution

InCharge will invoice everyone who charges at your InCharge stations and refund the collected revenue to you each quarter. You set the price for charging and can control which services you choose to offer your visitors. Everything is easily and securely customisable for your needs.

Charge card and tags

Your visitors can access at your stations using the InCharge mobile app, charge card or tag. These can be easily ordered free of charge with Charge on the Go. Electric car drivers can also charge at your station by downloading the InCharge app and paying with a credit card.

Public access

Your stations will be listed in the InCharge app, meaning over 20,000 electric car drivers which currently have lnCharge card or tags can find and charge at your stations. You will be part of one of Sweden's largest networks, with charging stations spanning from Ystad to Kiruna and across Europe.

Visible on map

As part of the InCharge network, your stations are visible for visitors to find in our app and on our website. The stations' location, wattage, outlet type, availability, and price are displayed so that electric car drivers can easily plan their trip and find your business.

Tracking with My InCharge

See how your stations are used, track how much revenue they generate and measure your carbon dioxide savings via the My InCharge portal. If you have stations in several locations, they can be grouped for easier accounting. You can also export your reports for record keeping.




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Order a charge card or tag

At our public stations, you charge easily with the InCharge app. At private stations, such as workplaces or BRF, the person who has to pay for the charge needs to order a charge card or tag. You can then add them to your permission list in the My InCharge portal.


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